COSMOS Astronomy Club


This is the first time in India we have come up with the Online portal for Astronomy which is designed with a lot of care, with our teams adding new features, functionality, and polish to it with every new update on astronomy.This portal will provide students access to all astronomy books, astronomy magazines, interaction with the scientist, different interesting astronomy courses, preparation of national & international Olympiad, cheap professional telescope, astronaut training through virtual reality and many more benefits..

Topics we include are rocketry, ancient astronomy tools, modern astronomy tools & devices, gravity & gravitational waves, Hydro-Rockets Launching, Making of Satellites, Falcon 9 & Space X, LIGO Concept, Cosmical event, Birth of star, Death of star etc.First 100 Registered school will get Free membership of our Astronomy Portal - Online learning of Astronomy

Features of COSMOS Astronomy Club -

Our Curriculum is designed to awaken and sharpen student interest in the scientific study of the universe as well as build self-esteem and problem-solving skills through different Hands-On activities.We always ensure a safe and fun experience for everyone.

Free memberships of COSMOS Astronomy Online Hub to all participants for complete academic year. :

The Program consists of 24 sessions which are covered in 12 days during the academic year. It includes two evening observation (school ground), one planetarium visit and one overnight observation at the time of Star Party.


Class 1st - Class 10th can participate in this program.

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