Who we are

Cosmos Astronomy Education & Research Organization is deep technology Astronomy & Stem education company, engineering path-breaking solutions established for the purpose of fostering science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education through the promotion of space exploration.

Our main goal is to Inspire and educate the students to prove themselves in the field of Astronomy, STEM & Space Science and encourage them for Space Exploration which will create a new generation of advanced scientists, engineers, and astronauts.We create opportunities for hands-on learning through physical experiments which can harness scientific temperament and inculcate rational thinking among students. We try to implement astronomy, STEM, and space science curriculum in our education system. We focus not only to teach them but also guide them to choose it as their career.

Our Organization conduct all National & International Astronomy Events & Workshop

This program is organized by Astronomy Education & Research Organization which is scheduled for the month of December 2019, January & February 2020. This program offers hands-on learning opportunities in the field of Astronomy and Space Sciences for schools which allow participants to experiment, learn from their mistakes and understand the potential gaps between theory and practice.
  • Phase 1st - Advance Astronomy Workshop
  • Phase 2nd - Submit your research program.
  • Astronomy Awareness program 2020
  • A chance to win Cosmos Astronomy Kits and VR box.

We also encourage students to ask questions, instigate curiosity and explore the Universe. Register your school and block a date for the program at your school.

COSMOS Astronomy Clubs act as building blocks for preserving that passion and interest of Space Science amongst students. Providing proper resources and information to the curious minds is the stepping stone in the making of future astronomers and scientists.

This is the first time in India we have come up with the Online portal for Astronomy - "COSMOS ASTRONOMY HUB" which is designed with a lot of care, with our teams adding new features, functionality, and polish to it with every new update on astronomy.

24 Classroom sessionsOnline Astronomy hubTake Home Gifts

This portal will provide students access to all astronomy books, astronomy magazines, interaction with the scientist, different interesting astronomy courses, preparation of national & international olympiads, cheap professional telescope, astronaut training through virtual reality and many more benefits

"COSMOS Astronomy Education & Research Organization" is celebrating "National Astronomy Month 2019". To celebrate this occasion we are proud to organize a one-day astronomy training program in your School with complete Hands-on Activities for K-12 kids which brings an opportunity that facilitates a deeper understanding of practical Astronomical and Astrophysics Knowledge.
  • Eligibility: Class 1st - 10th can participate.
  • Workshop Date: Any day in the month of Feb 2019.
  • E-certificate for National Astronomy Month 2019.
  • 1 year access to COSMOS E-magazine portal 2019.

The workshop will be organized in the School premises by Our Hon. Plenary Speaker of the Day. For any questions specific to a workshop, please contact us at +91 9999-833-652.

Global Astronomy Month (GAM), organized each April by Astronomers Without Borders, is the world's largest global celebration of astronomy. Every year GAM brings new ideas and new opportunities, bringing enthusiasts together worldwide to celebrate Astronomers Without Borders' motto One People, One Sky.

To celebrate this occasion we are proud to organize a one-day astronomy training program in your School with complete Hands-on Activities for K-12 kids which brings an opportunity that facilitates a deeper understanding of practical Astronomical and Astrophysics Knowledge.

The workshop will be organized in the School premises by Our Hon. Plenary Speaker of the Day. For any questions specific to a workshop, please contact us at +91 9999-833-652.

Cosmos Astronomy Festival - India's largest Astronomy Festival celebrated each year in the month of August - October.This annual event is a three-day festival in which participants get the opportunity to learn about the cosmos with seminars and workshops in the day followed by observing the sky with advanced telescopes at night.

In this we do astronomy workshops and star party for school students. Students learn making of Satellites model & Telescope. This is an event to celebrate and explore the amazing world of Astronomy.

This is an opportunity for participants to learn more about the solar system and constellations by having the chance to observe them through telescopes and to ask and discuss any questions you may have about astronomy and the universe with expert professionals.

orld Space Week is celebrated each year at the international level in the contributions of space science and technology to the betterment of the human condition. This program is the largest public space event on Earth. More than 3,700 events in 80 countries celebrated the benefits of space and excitement about space exploration.

We at COSMOS - Astronomy Education & Research Organization got an opportunity from WSWA( World Space Week Association) to celebrate this festival in India. The 2018 theme for this program was “Space Unites The World”.

To celebrate the occasion we organize a one-day astronomy training program for K-12 kids. The Training program allows participants to have a hands-on experience while they become the scientist that they have dreamed of becoming. Our Vision is to give the participants a comprehensive experience of this exciting space science, to initiate the meaning of science and technology in students which will equip the students with knowledge and confidence..

Each year, Asteroid Day is broadcast live across the globe with a packed programme that brings together astronauts, rock stars, and scientists. Highlighting our potentially vulnerable place in space, the live event also describes the many ingenious and yet not-far-from sci-fi potential solutions to these dangerous roaming rocks..

Each year hundreds of regional events also take place, with many countries so far having hosted concerts, community events, lectures and much more.

We at COSMOS Astronomy Education & Research Organization organizing Workshop for children to educate them about asteroids, their types, size of asteroids and how that relates to the potential danger of an asteroid colliding with the Earth. Students are briefly introduced to the destruction that would ensue should a large asteroid hit, as it did 100 years ago.

Educational tours are a form of active, rather than passive based learning. It exposes students to the outside world, inducing all their five senses and giving them the opportunity to explore beyond the four walls of the classroom. By having to experience the activities for themselves, students ask questions and adopt an active learning approach. Needless to say, students learn better and are more receptive towards learning.

We take students of all age group to NASA Kennedy Space Centre, Singapore and Dubai for the international educational trips to give students an opportunity to relate the class room learning to the real world situation.

We also provide an opportunity to the students to identify and exploit the Internship/Summer School viability being provided by the country being visited.

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Important Updates

  • Results for AIAT 2019-20 phase 1 will be declared on 31st Jan 2020.Click Here to downloadNew
  • ISRO Young Scientist Programme (Yuvika ) - Online Registration Form Click HereNew
  • Register Your School for COSMOS Space Science Program 2020 Click HereNew
  • Registration for International Olympiads of STEM & Astronomy 2020 will start soon.Click HereNew

Space Science Program

This program is organized by COSMOS every year Globally in Dubai, India and Singapore. Students as per their grade will participate in the workshop and will do the different hands-on activity to learn amazing facts of science and astronomy. Grade 1st - 10th can participate. A platform for students to showcase their research papers at junior level. Top 10 best research paper will be awarded the merit certificates.


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COSMOS Astronomy Club 2020-21

Registration for upcoming academic session 2020-21 will start from Tuesday i.e. january 07, 2020.

Currently School Registration is open for Indian and Dubai Schools only.

Schools all over India can Register for Cosmos Astronomy Club Program. Grade 1st to 10th can participate.Students will get Club badges, Club online membership and 10+ e-certificates for complete astronomy events.

Key Highlights of COSMOS Astronomy Club:

  • 24 classroom sessions.
  • Free access to our Online Astronomy Portal.
  • Unlimited online courses and sessions.
  • 10+ certificates for all national and International events of astronomy.